Free Website IP Blacklist Checker

Is my website blacklisted or my IP blacklisted? This is one of FAQs many webmasters, bloggers may have. When you see dramatic traffic drops, you should check if your website is blacklisted or not. In another guide, we have showed you how to find out if your website is in Google Sandbox or not. Today we will share with you another popular website or domain blacklist checher which is free online for public use. Find it out by yourself using this free domain and IP blacklist checker online.

Free Domain and Website IP Blacklist Checker

You can check out your site is blacklisted or not through either IP or domain name. If you use a dedicated IP address for your website, you can choose to check either by IP address or domain name, the result should be the same. If your website is hosted on shared server with shared IP address, you may see different results with IP blacklist checking and domain blacklist checking.

Is my IP address blacklisted?

Visit this spamhaus lookup page link, the Blocklist Removal Center page opens as below.

free ip blacklist checker

This IP address blocklist lookup tool checks to see if the IP you enter is currently listed in the live Spamhaus IP blocklists or not, including SBL, XBL and PBL. If your website IP address is blacklisted or listed in the blocklist, you will find a link to the information on what to do to remove your IP address from being included in the blocklist. When you have just signed up a hosting account, you will be assigned with a IP address, you can then check out this IP see if it is blacklisted or not before you add domains or websites to the hosting server. See how you can find out IP address in cPanel hosting.

Is my domain blacklisted?

From the lower section of above page, you can also find a Domain Blocklist Lookup Tool.

free domain blocklist checker

Enter a domain name and click the Lookup button to find out whether your domain is blocklisted or not. If your domain is currently listed on the domain blocklist, your domain is considered as spam, you will get a link to the advice page on how you can remove your domain from being blacklisted. It is extremely unlikely that normal domains will be on the Domain Blocklist.

Additional tips to whitelist your website

There are various reasons your website, domain or IP address can be blocklisted. If you just signed up a new hosting plan and find you are assigned with an IP address that is on the block list, you should contact your web host to change another IP for your sites. We recommend to choose a web hosting service with reliable web hosts, such as Bluehost, Arvixe, InMotion hosting, GoDaddy. For example this Bluehost starter plan is one of the most popular hosting packages for beginners and small businesses. If your website was not blocked before and no black SEO activities performed on your site, you should check malware and virus using this free website scanner.

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