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Website speed test tools help you find out how fast your website loads and recommendations to optimize websites. If your site is loading slow or if you want to know how fast is your website, you need a site speed check tool. In another article, we suggested three most popular website speed test tools. Here we list several other free website speed testing tools you can check out. Each of them may have its own merits and flaws, so find out the best one suits to your needs.

Web Page Test –

Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using various real browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds. That is what Web Page Test offers.

You can choose different locations around the world to perform the page speed test, available servers and locations including:

North America: Dulles, Asheville, Miami, Chicago, Kansas, Denver, Phoenix, Boardman, San Jose, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto

South America: Buenos Aires of Argentina, Sao Paulo of Brazil,

Europe: Dublin of Ireland, London of UK, Madrid of Spain, Paris of France, Brussels of BE, Amsterdam of NL, Vianen of NL, Steenbergen of NL, Geneva of Switzerland, Frankfurt of Germany, Falkenstein of Germany, Stockholm of Sweden, Bucharest of Romania, Israel, Petah-Tiqwa of Israel, Moscow of Russia, Saint Petersburg of Russia,

Asia: Indore of India, Delhi of India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jiangsu of China, Seoul of Korea, Tokyo of Japan.

Oceania: Sydney of Australia, Wellington of NZ, Cambridge of MA.

It also has advanced settings with options for simulating common Internet connection speeds (e.g. DSL and 56K dial up) and ad-blocking so you can see the performance cost of running ads on your site.

You can run simple tests or perform advanced testing including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more. Your results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

Web Page Analyzer –

This simple web page speed test analyzer is probably one of the oldest tools out there with its first version released in 2003. Like many other online web page test and speed check tools, it is very easy to use, you can simply input your domain name or website URL, then you will be prompted to manually type in the anti-spam code to verify you are human other than robot, after that it will start analyzing your web page and generate the web page speed report with data about your website, including web page’s size, assets (html, images, css, css images, javascript, multimedia) and load time. This web page speed report also supplies you with recommendations on things you can make better, such as HTML code, web objects, images, CSS, file size, HTML size, image size, multimedia size and so on.

Load Impact –

Load Impact’s free online load testing and performance tool gives you plenty of data on your website’s ability to handle website traffic. This online web performance evaluation tool has the ability to show graphed data such as user load time (simulated by an automated virtual machine) and requests per second (helpful for seeing how durable your web server is and how fast it can handle web page requests).

Which loads faster? –

This interesting tool pits two websites against each other in terms of loading time. It supports both Parallel (default) and Serial mode website speed comparison. The Serial mode is to load one side/site at a time to eliminate the possibility that the two sides will interfere with each other. Want to know how your website performs against your competitor? This can be a simple tool for comparing whether your website performs better or worse than competing sites.

Have you ever checked your website speed with an online website speed test tool? How often do you test your site loading speed? Share your thoughts in the comment section also what tools you used to check your site speed.

Best Free Website Speed Test Tools you should check out: Top three free website speed test tools.

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