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Want to transfer away domain names from Webhost4life to other web hosting or domain registrar? There are a few things you need to do to prepare the domain transfer, such as unlock domain with Webhost4life, disable domain WHOIS privacy if enabled, get the transfer key or EPP code which you need to authorize domain transfer with. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can get domain transfer Authorization Code from Webhost4life.

domain transfer authorization code

How to Attain Domain Transfer Authorization Code from Webhost4life?

If you want to transfer domain name registration from Webhost4life to other hosting or registrar, your new web host or registrar will ask for the domain EPP code or domain transfer authorization code. They will suggest you to contact your current registrar to get authorization code. However with Webhost4life, you can get it directly from your hosting control panel.

After logged in, go to Domain >> Domain Central, you can then find all your domain names in the list. Click on the domain name you like to transfer out, you can find all available options you can manage the domain, see below figure.

manage domain in webhost4life domaincentral

Visit WebHost4Life

Switch from the Domain Overview tab to the Domain Transfer tab. You will get a screen like this.
get domain transfer authorization code from webhost4life
Your admin account contact email address for the domain will be displayed above. If the domain is invalid, you can change it now. If you have access to this email address, you can click the Send Auth-Info Code button to the right to obtain domain transfer autorization code or authentication code for this domain. After that the domain EPP code or transfer key will be sent to your email address immediately.

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