Can I Get the Lowest Prices through Godaddy Discount Domain Club?

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain name registrar. But domain registration service is not all GoDaddy have to offer. GoDaddy makes money mainly from domain registration, web hosting and business applications. The biggest part of its revenue comes from domain name registration and renewals. If you have any domain name account with GoDaddy, you will find GoDaddy is really an expert on marketing. They sell a lot more than just domains, such as domain privacy, ICANN fees, parked domain advertising, domain backorders and so on. They send you promo codes, coupons, specials regularly through emails to draws customers to their site, then cross-sell many add-on items, like whois privacy, website hosting, site builders, SSL Cert and other features. Recently GoDaddy rolled out a new Discount Domain Club, the first in the domain name service industry.

“Discount Domain Club is a membership-based program specifically designed for people frequently registering domain names.”

register domain with Godaddy

Discount Domain Club gives the lowest domain prices on the Web. However you have to pay for the membership in order to join the program. It is not a free membership. For a 12 month subscription, you have to pay for $9.99/month. You can join the membership here.

When you join Discount Domain Club, you can immediately log in to your account to see discount pricing for domain names. Discount pricing automatically applies to domain names in your cart when you check out.

However domain names you purchase through your Discount Domain Club membership are not eligible for other promotions or discounts. GoDaddy has a bunch of pricing tiers and discounts. For GoDaddy send you the coupons which you can use to get discounts. GoDaddy offers bulk discounts when you buy or renew more than 5 domains at a time. The volume discount is open to all customers. They also offer Premier Services with discounted pricing to important accounts and customers with large domain name portfolio.

To help beginners understand the benefits of Discount Domain Club membership, we created below chart to compare the GoDaddy discounted pricing and regular domain pricing for some of the most common types of domain names.
compare discounted domain name vs regular domain pricing with godaddy

“Can I Get the Lowest Prices through Godaddy Discount Domain Club?” From the above price comparison chart, we can see that GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club does offer some savings. However, given the cost of the membership and discounts that bulk domain registrations and bulk domain renewals can offer, it is not likely that you will be able to get significant savings through GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club.

The best deal depends a lot on the size of your domain name portfolio. If you are a small business owner or run only couple of websites, using GoDaddy sales or promotion codes can actually save you more. Also if you want to set up a website and reigster a domain for it, it is highly recommended to choose a web hosting with free domain name registration. That’s to say you only have to pay for hosting, domain fee is waived.

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