How Can Website Design Affect SEO?

website design and SEOWhen it comes to the SEO, many people may think about keywords selections, page relevancy, link building and son on, few of us would think the website design can affect the search rankings. In fact, there are so many factors that might influence the search rankings of your website, among which your site design has often been overlooked. In this article we will discuss how website design can affect our sites ranking on search engines.

SEO Friendly Navigation is Essential

The website navigation is just like a map, SEO friendly navigation plays a very important role in your SEO activities. You need to design such a map that can make your website pages easy to be crawled, indexed, and displayed in the SERPs by main search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Any technology that might do harm to SEO friendly navigation should not be used, such as the very popular Flash introduction or menu, or the JavaScript navigations. These technology can create very cool dynamic effects, they look great with our eyes, but can not be recognized by search spiders.

Proper HTML Coding

Your web site’s HTML code needs to be optimized for search engines as well.
Computers use a language of their own known as HTML. When HTML is generated using word processors and uploaded to the site, search engines often see lines of coding that does not relate to the content being advertised. You need a code search engines can read. If your web site isn’t coded correctly, it could affect your web site’s search engine ranking.

Responsive Design is SEO Friendly

Using responsive design to optimize across devices can offer your websites visitors the best viewing experience. Your contents can be displayed perfectly on more devices, such as laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet. By attracting more visitors from various channels, you do not have higher traffic, but may be referred by search engines as well. For example, if search engines found your site has very low bounce rate with mobile users, you may get higher search ranking with mobile searches.

Internal Linking Not Just for Readers

The internal link functions more than just navigations. It can improves your website’s usability experience for visitors, it does good to SEO too. Internal links can not only make all your blog posts and pages are indexed by the search engines, but also remind the search engines that your old blog posts still exist and have value. Having an internal linking strategy will make sure all your blog posts and pages are indexed by the search engines.


  1. Awesome stuff !! many of them who does SEO think SEO work on only on page and off page factor. But they haven’t aware of the other thing that matter a lot in SEO like web designing, development etc.After reading this post of your most of my dough is clear about how to make a seo friendly web design. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  2. SEO start with web design. when people design their web page, they try their best to leave a good first impression to their users. the keywords, the images and interactive parts all deliver customers the information about the company.

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