How Fast is My Site?

Want to know how fast is your website? Speed is a very important factor for websites. A fast website really matters. You need to test website speed regularly to ensure your website loads quickly. In this guide, we will list some of the best website speed test tools to help you check website speed. Only with a accurate site speed test service, can you know how fast is your website and proceed steps to improve website load time for best possible experience for your website users.

How Fast is My Site?

There are many free website speed test from around the globe using real browsers at consumer connection speeds. Such information and data received could be used to help you analyze the load speed of your websites and learn how to make your sites faster.

Pingdom Site Speed Tools

Test load speed and find out what areas of your site need improvement (ie. image, css, js, and other file size compression). This is a free online website speed-testing tool by Pingdom. Pingdom provides a server, network and website monitoring services with several reports such as a breakdown of how long each web page object takes to download and performance grades for things like browser caching. Another useful report is a page analysis that provides information on load time, page size and requests. >> Pingdom Site Speed Tools

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Google’s Speed Test Tool

As a search engine, Google wants your website to load fast naturally. Website performance including website load time is important SEO ranking factors. If your websites have a lot of traffic from Google, you should definitely try Google site speed test tool and follow guidelines provided by Google to optimize your websites. You can gain lots of very useful information from this handy web tool.

Furthermore, Google website speed check tool even includes a report for mobile device best practices for optimal performance.

Free Website Performance Test – by neustar

This is another quick, easy and free website performance test tool to get performance data on any website. With most other website speed test tool, you may find they check your page load time from single location. So it is hard to know how fast is your website if being accessed from other cities or countries around the globe. This free website performance test service however pings your web page from four locations so that you can get a global view of your website’s performance. For example if you want to check website speed, it may check the site speed from within US cities such as San Francisco in the west, Washington DC in the east, except that, it will also other countries and cities, like Singapore in Asia, Dublin in Ireland, Europe. So this is really nice feature, as it gives you a full image of how fast is my site globally. Other than that, it also gives you a ton of information about your web page speed such as average load time, total page weight and number of page objects. >> Free Website Performance Test – by neustar

How to make sites faster?

There are many different ways you can speed up your websites, such as CDN hosting, website optimization, photo compression, hosting videos on YouTube, cache plugins, etc. You can find more details from this guide about making WordPress site faster.

Are you using any of the above website speed test tool? How fast is your website? Do you have other better site speed check tools? Share with us in the comment below.

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