Incoming Autolink Anchors

Incoming Autolink Anchors is also known as Incoming Autolink Anchors. You know the power of internal linking, and your site has lots of link juice that you’d like to take advantage of. For example, your site is focus on Asian travel and you have a lot of old posts about it. Now you want certain post to rank well in the search engines when users search for “Asian travel”. An easy and effect way is to build more internal links to the post with anchor text “Asian travel”.

How to create Incoming Autolink Anchors?

If you have only a few posts, you may manually add the internal links one by one. Imaging you have thousands of blog posts, how can you manage it? This is where the Incoming Autolink Anchors feature comes into the place. You can log on to your WordPress dashboard, find the post you like to promote through internal links, go to the SEO settings (you have to install SEO ultimate plugin first if you cannot find it), there will be a Incoming Autolink Anchors box of the post you like to optimize for better SEO ranking.

Another way to build Incoming Autolink Anchors

You can also go to the left pane of your WP dashboard, go to SEO Deeplink Juggernaut >> Content Links, then manually add a new link there.

How does Incoming Autolink Anchors work?

When you publish the post, SEO Ultimate’s Deeplink Juggernaut module will literally search for that anchor in all your old posts (even if you have thousands of them) and autolink all instances of it to the post you want to get better ranking with search engines.

How to disable Incoming Autolink Anchors?

You can either open the post to edit its SEO settings where you set up the Incoming Autolink Anchors at the first place or you can go to the SEO Deeplink Juggernaut to delete the settings.

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