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Need the full power of a dedicated server for your popular website? A shared server is ideal for small business and individual websites; VPS hosting is suitable for small and medium business websites. However as long as your business grows with more and more traffic to your websites, you may find neither a shared hosting or VPS hosting can offer sufficient server resource for fast loading of your site. In this case, you have to upgrade to dedicated hosting solutions.

InMotion Hosting is one of the most award-winning web hosting providers. They offer business hosting package to those looking for budget shared servers. InMotion Hosting provides VPS hosting server and service as well. In this hosting review, we will focus on their dedicated hosting service, the customer feedback, server performance testing, and our in-depth review of the price, features, usability and technical support.

InMotion Dedicated Hosting Price

InMotion dedicated hosting has 3 basic packages named as Essential, Advanced, and Elite, which have been priced starting at $119.99/mo, $159.99/mo, and $219.99/mo respectively. If you have used other dedicated server, you should know that dedicated hosting always charges a lot and InMotion dedicated hosting server is actually much cheaper than the majority of other dedicated hosting service providers.

Except above mentioned hosting packages, InMotion dedicated hosting offers another two options with more fancy features and higher expenses at the same time. You can set up your large business sites on them. They are dedicated hosting commercial #1 and #2, priced at $469.99/mo and $569.99/mo respectively.

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InMotion Dedicated Hosting Uptime

We have tested the essential dedicated hosting with InMotion for about 90 days. And we have to say that we were happy that we have tried. We haven’t detected any downtime during that period of time.

How can InMotion Hosting achieve this excellent uptime record Check the reasons in the following:

Ksplice Rebootless Updates:

Keep your operating system secure and up-to-date without impacting your online presence. No more costly system reboots or maintenance downtime.

Once the operating system needs to be updated for better security and reliability, the online presence will be impacted temporarily. This technology, however, is able to achieve no system reboots and zero website downtime, while keeping the OS up-to-date.

Advanced Tier 1 Network:

InMotion dedicated hosting has redundant bandwidth providers, keeping websites online all the times. They use two top tier bandwidth providers to keep you online. In the event one goes down, our smart routing technology will automatically switch providers.

Proactive Monitoring:

InMotion system administrators are constantly monitoring every server to make sure they are running smoothly. If there is a system degradation, their quick response team is there to keep you online. Such kind of proactive method can detect potential problems at the first time other than responding to it after it has happened.
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Fast Page Loading Speed

Other hosting companies piece together their servers with parts in their data center. At InMotion Hosting, what you get is a 100% factory built and tested Dell server. Besides, InMotion Hosting includes some drive technologies to the web servers. For instance, the Essential, Advanced, and Elite packages come with SATA2 7.2K drives to keep the webpage loading with super-blazing speed. Other two commercial packages include SAS 15K drives to ensure the websites performance at their best.

The page loading speed of InMotion dedicated hosting is really amazing, which is less than 1 second on average. All of these quality servers are backed by either Intel Core or Xeon processors, ensuring the best performance of the website.

Optimized OS for peak performance

InMotion have more than 12 years of experience using CentOS as our server operating system. InMotion know how to optimize, secure, and modify the OS to ensure a fast-speed hosting environment.

An Easy Dedicated Hosting

cPanel and WHM are included free in all their hosting plans. The dedicated hosting offered by InMotion is managed hosting service, meaning that all the optimization and maintenance tasks are the responsibilities of web host, from CentOS performance and platform optimization to control panel and LAMP stack software tuning.

Additionally, all of its dedicated hosting packages include the powerful cPanel control panel at no additional monthly and set-up costs. Therefore, customers can manage their accounts, sites, databases, and domains without any hassle.

Professional Dedicated Hosting Support

InMotion dedicated hosting offers 24/7 support. You can get in touch with their support staffs via phone, live chat, e-mail. They have a community based Q&A section where you can also get most of your questions answered.

30-day Full Money Back Guarantee

InMotion offer an 30-day, 100% money back dedicated server guarantee. So the purchase of the dedicated server is totally risk-free and worry-free.
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