Insert Youtube to SharePoint 2013

If you build your website with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and have some cool Youtube videos want to display on your own website other than, you can simply embed the YouTube videos to SharePoint.

Insert YouTube to SharePoint

1. Run SharePoint Designer on your PC
2. Open the page which you want to insert YouTube videos to
3. Click Insert tab, then click Embed Code

insert embed code SharePoint2013
4. Open the YouTube video on your web browser
5. Click Share > > Embed to copy the YouTube embed code, or simply right click on the Youtube video and select Copy Embed Code.

youtube video embed code
6. Past the video embed code into the SharePoint Embed Code dialogue and click Insert.

quickly get youtube video embed code
Now you have get video from YouTube on SharePoint 2013. When you publish your site online again, your site visitors can play YouTube videos right on your SharePoint based website.

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