Install WordPress on iPhone iPad

Looking for a way to install WordPress on iPhone and iPad? You can now easily set up WordPress sites on iPhone iPad with the WordPress iPhone/iPad app for iOS. WordPress has never been quite so mobile before. The WordPress iOS app is designed for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users to manage their WordPress blogs and sites right on their iOS devices. WordPress for iOS makes it easy to view your stats, moderate comments, create and edit posts and pages, and upload media anytime and anywhere.

Install WordPress on iPhone iPad

To set up WordPress sites on iPhone iPad, you need to download WordPress iPhone iPad App from App Store. Here is the link to get this free app. In this guide, we will use WordPress for iOS app on an iPhone to show you how to add websites to WordPress on iPhone. The same method and instructions apply to iPad and iPod touch as well.

Install WordPress on iPhone iPad

Tap to open WordPress for iPhone on your iPhone home screen. Your added WordPress sites will be displayed. You can tap on the Add a Site button to add new WordPress sites to iPhone. See below screen capture.

add a site to wordpress iphone app

You will need to input your WP site administrator username, password and site URL/domain for the authentication.

input wordpress site username password and domain on iphone

Once you typed in all the required credentials of your WordPress site, tap on Add Site button. If your input is correct and you will pass the verification, your new WordPress will be set up on iPhone via the WordPress iPhone app. If you get the WordPress for iPad, you can also refer to above instructions to setup WordPress for iPad with the WordPress iPad app.
setup wordpress site on iphone via wordpress iphone app

You can now manage WordPress sites on iPhone directly. You can write and publish posts and pages to your WordPress site from iPhone, you can moderate comments on iPhone within this WordPress iPhone app, etc.
manage wordpress sites on iphone

Do you use WordPress for iOS on your iPhone or iPad? Share with us your experience installing and managing WordPress sites on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.


  1. It won’t download “at this time”. I deleted the old app because there were too many problems, now can’t download the newer version. Help

  2. Word Press works fine on my MacMini. On my iPhine instead of a list of archives, I get two liner reference to older posts – fine
    On my iPad (IOS8 2015=4) I get no archives messages or anything in the left column

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