Install WordPress on Mac

Install WordPress on Mac with XAMPP

install wordpress on mac using xampp
If you want to install WordPress on Mac OS X, you are always advocated using a local server environment setup tool, such as MAMP or XAMPP. In another guide, we have introduced the free web server package MAMP for Mac with steps to install WordPress on Mac OS X with MAMP. In this tutorial, we will review another free local development environment tool for Mac, XAMPP for Mac, Continue reading….

How to Install WordPress on Mac with MAMP?

install mamp on mac
Recently we published an article about how to install WordPress on your Windows computer in 1 minutes using InstantWP. As this local WordPress installer does not come with a Mac OS X version, in this guide, we will show you how to install WordPress locally on Mac using MAMP. MAMP stands for Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is an easy to install and use local server software made … Continue reading ….