Lock WordPress with a password on Android phone

It is very convenient for bloggers and site administrators to post anywhere on the go using WordPress for mobile apps. If not yet, you can follow these steps to setup WordPress site on Android phone. However sometimes you may want to lock WordPress app on the phone with a PIN code to prevent unauthorized access. For example, you do not want your kids to delete your WordPress posts when they use your phone for mobile games, you may not like your friends to see the content in WordPress on the phone when they borrow your phone. Even if you do not plan to allow anyone else use your phone, setting up the PIN lock can add just another layer of security to your private data on mobile. The app-level security lock may be more secure to protect your privacy.

Steps to Lock WordPress with a password on Android phone

Luckily WordPress has the built-in app locker you can use when you want to lock out unauthorized access. Run WordPress on your mobile phone. Switch to the User tab from the top, Switch to Me tab from the bottom.

wordpress for android app - me user section

Then tap App Settings >> Turn PIN lock on. See below figure.

enable pin lock in wordpress app for android

After that, enter a 4 digit PIN code and repeat. Since then anytime you launch the WordPress app on Android phone, you will see the PIN code unlock screen at first. Without the correct password, no one can open, see or edit your WordPress site on the phone.

Note that when the WordPress app is running at the background, it will not be locked. Thus you need to exit or close the app when you do not use it.

Update Dec 2018: this article was originally published in Sep 2017 and has since been updated. new screenshot was added to reflect the changes of UI of WordPress for Android app version 10.7.


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