Make Free Video Calls using Firefox Browser

Firefox Hello has been discontinued and removed from Firefox starting with version 49.

You can make Free video chats on Firefox browser now through Firefox Hello. This feature is built into Firefox, you can now make free video chats or voice chats over Firefox browser instantly. No plugins required, no account signups required. It will be peer-to-peer connection between browsers. Currently Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Opera browser support the free video or audio chats over Firefox Hello. Since only Firefox browser users will be able to initiate calls, so you can make free video chats between Firefox and Firefox, Firefox and Chrome, Firefox Opera. Google Chrome and Opera browser users can only join the conversation, they can’t set up free video or auido calls though.

firefox hello free video audio chat

Firefox Hello is based on the WebRTC video and audio chat technology. Unfortunately Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari don’t support this technology so far. And based on our test, you can’t make free video or audio calls or join them on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) even if you are using a compatible web browser, like Chrome or Opera.

What’s the Benefits of Firefox Free Video Calls?

Apparently Firefox Hello has many advantages over other online chat services, like Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and many other services. It is totally free to use. You can make unlimited video calls, or audio calls using your browser without any fee. It is also very easy to use. You do not need to download any plugin for Firefox. As long as you have the latest Mozilla browser, you can start free online chats with others who are using a compatible web browser. You do not need even to have an account to use this free video call or voice call service over Firefox browser. See how you can make free calls using your browser below.

How to make Free Video Calls over Firefox?

You can start Free video conversations right from Firefox. No account, sign-in or downloads required.  Run Firefox browser on your PC or Mac computer, on the top right tool bar of your browser there is a small smile icon which is the Firefox Hello icon. Click on it, you will open a jump-down dialogue where you can start a conversation. See below screenshot.

make free calls chats conversation over firefox

Simply start a conversation, you will then get a link. You can share this link so anyone have this link can join the conversation from anywhere.

firefox video audio chat

You can simply email this link to anyone you like to chat with through your web browser. Firefox Hello is the easiest way to connect for free over video. You can start a video conversation with a single click, you can invite a friend to talk by sending them a link. Anyone with this link can join the conversation right on their web browsers, with or without Firefox. There’s no account or sign-in required.

Firefox Hello has its disadvantages as well. For example still many browsers do not support it, like IE browser, Safari browser, etc. Also it lacks of many useful features that you can find in traditional chat apps, like file transfer. For example, you can share videos using WeChat on mobile phones, send videos through WhatsApp, you can share photos on cellphones through WhatsApp, etc. Firefox can help you make free video calls and audio calls, it however can’t call landlines and mobile phones, like Skype can do.

Update Aug 2020: Firefox Hello has been discontinued and removed from Firefox starting with version 49.


  1. Firefox Hello does not appear on my toolbar. It does not appear in the personalization menu, either.

    • sorry, Firefox Hello has been discontinued and removed from Firefox starting with version 49. and we have updated the above article accordingly.

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