How to open Terminal window at folder from Finder on Mac?

In Windows OS, there is a feature called “Open command window here” which can help you open command prompt from current folder in Windows Explorer. Terminal is the command line for the Unix system that Mac OS X runs on. Similarily we found a feature named “New Terminal at Folder” which does exactly the same thing. On the Windows PC, the open command line shortcut is enabled by default. On the Mac OS X however this feature is hidden and disabled by default. You will need to head to the Mac System Preferences to turn on it first. If you are looking for such an easier and quicker way to run Terminal from current folder in Finder on Mac, you can check out below instructions.

How to open a new Terminal window from any folder in Finder on Mac?

Click on the Apple logo from top menu bar, choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu. You will then open the System Preferences window on Mac. Choose Keyboard in System Preferences window to open a new Keyboard window.

mac system preferences keyboard

Switch from the Keyboard tab, which is the default tab opens automatically, to the Shortcuts tab in Keyboard window. Click Services from the left column, then browse to Files and Folders section in the right column, click to enable “New Terminal at Folder“.

new terminal at folder on mac

Now, when you’re in Finder, you can just right-click on any folder to show the context menu and choose New Terminal at Folder, you will then quickly open a new Terminal window on Mac with the selected folder opened as current folder in Terminal. If your Terminal commands require a very specific location on Mac hard disk, this shortcut is a really big help.

open new terminal window at folder from finder on mac

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  1. Nope. My download folder didn’t so anything yours did. My terminal has nothing to navigate. I got it up to this step and then your instructions fell apart. ANNOYING

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