Optimize MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

MySQL database is very popular nowadays for its high performance, stability, open source and ease of use. A lot of database driven websites are powered by MySQL databases and PHP. Your MySQL database and website driven by MySQL are running slow? You can use phpMyAdmin to optimize MySQL database tables and enhance its performance. Try this free solution to make your MySQL database and website faster.

Make sure to backup MySQL database in phpMyAdmin before you make any changes to the database.

Optimize MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is the free MySQL database management tool with lots of useful features. It is available with almost all PHP+MySQL hosting service providers. Check out your web hosting control panel, find and access it from the database section there. You will then be required to access your MySQL DB server via phpMyAdmin using your database name and password.

login phpmyadmin

Once you are logged in, you will find a list of your MySQL databases in phpMyAdmin. Open the database you like to edit or optimize in phpMyAdmin. All database tables will be displayed in the Structure tab. See below figure.

Optimize MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

At the bottom of MySQL database tables, you can click the “Check All” link to quickly select all database tables. Then find the drop-down list to the right of the “Check All” link. Click to expand the drop-down list and select “Optimize Tables” from the list, now a query or command will be executed and it will automatically optimize all tables in the MySQL database.

mysql database table optimization result using phpmyadmin

If your database or tables corrupted, and your website ran into database errors, you can refer to this guide to repair MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin. It works similarly as above.

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