Quickly Share Large Files via the Web

Do you have large files want to share across different computers through the internet? CloudUp is the free tool for you to share files on the web for both Windows and Mac users.
CloudUp lets you quickly share all kinds of documents, like pictures, documents, pictures, music and other files.

After downloading and installation, there will be an app icon sitting in the Windows Taskbar, to share files from your PC, you can simply drag and drop your files from the desktop or any other folder to the icon. The icon can be found in the menu bar if you are on a Mac. After that, these selected files will be sent to cloud instantly. If you have multiple files want to share over the internet, you can use your mouse to drag and select them or simply put them into a folder, them drag and drop the files or folder to CloudUp icon. This will help you upload all files in just one go.

cloudup free file sharing

How do I download these uploaded files from another laptop or computer?

As long as the uploading begins, the free file hosting and sharing service will generate a link for you to download the included files. This link will be copied to the clipboard automatically, so you can simply paste it to email, text messages, IM chats, etc. Best of all, you do not have to wait until the uploading completes to get the sharing or downloading URL. You get the sharing link and the uploading will finish in the background.

Is it secure to use this free file sharing tool over internet?

Yes. First of all, you will get a special download link no one else knows. Only those who know that URL can download your files. For additional privacy, you have the option to protect your shared files with password.

CloudUp is a free document sharing and hosting service, you can upload up to 1,000 files, almost 200 GB of space and the maximum size of files can be up to 200 MB each.

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