Remove Website URL From WordPress Comments for The7 Theme

The7 Theme for WordPress by default will have the website field included in the comment form. Adding a comment box or section in our website will allow our website visitors to interact with the author and each other and leave their feedback on our WordPress website. It is the goal of setting up such a comment system for WordPress sites. Some WordPress administrators find this website link field is unnecessary and annoying. If your visitors are required to type in more info especially personal info, most likely they will leave your site without any feedback even if they like your content. What’s more, not all your website visitors have a website and a lot of them may not want to leave their website link along with their comment there.

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Remove Website URL from WordPress Comments for The7 Theme

In this article, we will show you the trick to delete website or URL field from WordPress comments section. Note that, this instructions apply to The7 Theme only.  If you are using other WordPress themes, you may refer to the steps, but as different themes are coded differently, you may need to tweak the code accordingly.  Alternatively you can also install a WordPress plugin to disable website links in comments, or refer to this guide for a general method to hide website links from comments for many WordPress themes here. Let’s continue with the The7 theme comments options customization below.

Here is the screenshot of the typical comments form for The7 theme.

wordpress comment form with website field on the7 theme

After the customization of the theme file, we will delete the website field and the result will be like this:

wordpress comment form without website field on the7 theme

To achieve that, you can log on your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance, then Editors, find the comments.php for The7 theme. Here is the source code which display the website links in the comment form.

code to display website field wordpress comment form the7 theme

You can tweak the code as below and click Update File button to save the change. After that you will find the URL option is deleted from your WordPress comments section which is using The7 theme.

code to remove website field wordpress comment form the7 theme

If you want to encourage your visitors to join the conversation on your site, you should remove those potential obstacles to prevent your visitors leaving a comment on your site.  Another benefit of disabling URL links from WordPress comments is that it can actually help you reduce spam comments on your WordPress site. It is because spammers leave comments on your WordPress site simply for back-links. By removing the URL links from website field, hopefully you can decease spam.

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