Renew Scala Hosting Service

7 days before the due date of your hosting server with Scala web hosting, their system will issue an automated renewal invoice automatically. Their billing system will send you reminders via emails to your contact address on file. Once you received the ‘New invoice generated’ reminder via email, login to your Client Area > Billing > My Invoices to view and pay the invoice and thus renew your hosting service or other purchased items.

pay invoice billing scala hosting client area
pay invoice billing scala hosting client area

Your hosting plan or other items will automatically renew based on your selected billing cycle. For example, if you purchase their VPS server for only one month for the first term, future invoices will be created for one month as well. If you like to renew your hosting for a different length term, you can use the renewal module in your client’s area >

The client’s area renewal module allows users to select an item to renew. Choose a service to renew. If the renewal system found an existing invoice for the selected item or service, you will be presented with the invoice number. You can go to client’s area > Billing > My Invoices section to find the invoice and pay for it.

Should you want to renew it for a different period of time from the initial term, use the Renewal period drop-down menu to select a different length term and click Generate Renewal Invoice button to create a new invoice to replace the existing invoice. Head to Billing > My Invoices section in client’s area to find the new invoice and pay for it.

Automatic Renewal & Payments

To ensure timely renewal without service interruption, you can also activate automatic renewal and payments. Scala web hosting support automatic payments via PayPal subscription and credit cards. Here is how you can enable automatic payments via PayPal subscription. Once your invoice is generated, log into your client area with Scala hosting, click on the invoice ID, then click on PayPal subscribe other than PayPal Check out button. See the first screenshot above. If you are paying by credit card you will be asked if you want the card to be saved in their system for automatic future payments.

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