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To make website look good on all devices, desktops, tablets, smart phones, TV, we developers would use responsive web design to create website that are full adaptive. When you open a web page on your iPhone or iPad, the compact mobile version loads automatically. A mobile site provides optimal user experience with easier navigation, minimum of resizing, panning, fluid grid layouts, etc. Sometimes however, you will find certain important features are missing in mobile version. What’s worse, most sites would automatically redirect iOS users to the mobile version without providing the switch between mobile and desktop version. Luckily, Apple makes it easy to switch to full desktop version of a website. Check out following instructions to access the desktop version of a website from iPhone whenever you come across a mobile site that is trimmed down and limited.

How to request, view desktop version of website on iPhone iPad?

Launch the stock Safari browsers on iPhone or iPad. Visit the site or page in Safari. Wait a second for the mobile version of the site to load. To switch from the mobile view to the desktop view, tap the Share icon (a square with an upward arrow) at the bottom of the Safari browser window to bring up the page action menu. In this menu, you can add a page to your reading list, bookmark a page, add a site to home screen and many more. Swipe through the options until you see ‘Request Desktop Site‘. to access the desktop version of a site on iPhone, you can touch the ‘Request desktop site‘ to let the Safari reload the site and render the full desktop version of the site if available.

request desktop site in safari on iphone

Requesting desktop site on mobile – Requesting mobile site on from desktop bonus tips

  • Note that this feature was firstly introduced in iOS 8. You’re out of luck if you are on an earlier iOS version.
  • Some desktop browsers can also request mobile version of a site from PC or Mac. See following steps to access mobile version of a site from desktop using Firefox. Similar features can also be found in Edge, Chrome and other modern desktop web browser.

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