Reset OpenCart Admin Password

To strengthen our website safety, webmasters would normally use long and complicate password that is difficult to remember but easy to forget. Admin is the default primary administrator of your OpenCart shopping site. If you have forgotten the password to the admin account, how can you reset or recover OpenCart admin password? In this guide, we will be sharing with OpenCart users two easy methods to reset OpenCart admin password.

Reset OpenCart Admin Password through email

This is probably the easiest way to recover your lost OpenCart password. As long as you have access to the email address associated with your admin account, you can easily get a link to reset OpenCart admin password through email.
login opencart admin dashboard
From the above OpenCart admin panel login screen, there is a Forgotten Password link which you can click to get the password reset page as below.

reset opencart admin password through email

You can input the associated email address with your admin account, then click the Reset button. You will receive a link to reset OpenCart admin password through email instantly. If this method does not work for you. For example, you may not receive the email, you may forgot your email address, you may lost the email. Then you can follow below tips to reset password from the database of your OpenCart online shopping store.

Reset OpenCart Admin Password through database

OpenCart is database driven shopping cart, usually a MySQL database. Each OpenCart site has at least one database. In an earlier guide we have discussed how you can reset OpenCart database password. If you lost the password to your OpenCart database as well, you can refer to this guide to recover the DB password first, because we will need it in order to follow below steps to reset OpenCart Admin password.

phpMyAdmin is a very popular database management tool offerred for free by most PHP and Linux hosting service providers.

opencartIn this demo, we will be using Bluehost Linux hosting to demonstrate how you can recover password for OpenCart ecommerce sites. Bluehost has the best eCommerce hosting, ideal for small to medium businesses. It has many auto installers for all kinds of CMS, such as blogs, Message Forum, Social Networking, Project Management, Help Center/Support Ticket, E-Commerce and many more. These tools are very user friendly. They make the CMS setup and management extremely easy for beginners. You can refer to this guide to create a OpenCart store automatically.

database tools phpmyadmin in cpanel

Login your cPanel, you can find a database tools section with a list of different database management tools. Choose phpMyAdmin from there, you will be taken to a login screen like below.

login phpmyadmin

Now login phpMyAdmin using your database username and password.

opencart database user table

Once you logged in to your OpenCart MySQL database, find a table named user. The database for OpenCart in the demo has a lgc prefix. Normally this table is just “user” without any prefix. Click to Edit the user table in your OpenCart database. You will find a password field as shown below.

reset opencart admin password from database using phpmyadmin

In the function column besides password, click the drop-down list and select MD5 from there, then input your new OpenCart admin password, after that click the Go button at the bottom to reset OpenCart password, the old password will be replaced and new admin password will take effect immediately. This method works like we reset WordPress admin password.

Once you have reset OpenCart admin password through email or its database, you can log in your dashboard with the new password and change admin password in OpenCart dashboard any time you like in the future.

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