How to Restore MySQL Database through phpMyAdmin?

There are different senarios you may want to restore MySQL database from backups. For example, you may have changed a new web hosting, then need to migrate your site from the old web host to the new one. See this guide to move WordPress site to cPanel just as an example. Sometimes you may did something wrong to your database, thus want to restore MySQL from a previous backup file. No matter what the reason you have, you can follow these instructions to easily restore MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.
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How to Restore MySQL Database through phpMyAdmin?

Depends on the Database management tool offerred by your web host, you may need to use different methods to create a MySQL database, back up MySQL and restore MySQL. cPanel has the built-in tools for database management, such as the notable phpMyAdmin. We have introduced this DB tool before. For example, you can back up MySQL database using phpMyadmin. Restoring your MySQL database using phpMyAdmin is equally easy as you do the database backup.

Step 1. Run phpMyAdmin

Log on your hosting control panel, go to find a Database or Database tools section in your hosting control panel, you should find phpMyAdmin and other database tools there. In cPanel hosting with Bluehost MySQL Linux hosting, you can get it as shown in below screenshot.

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Step 2. Select MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

Open phpMyAdmin, you will find a list of existing MySQL databases on the left navigation panel, click to select the MySQL database you like to restore your database backup file to or create a new database for the restore. If you can’t find the database list on the left side in phpMyAdmin, click Databases from the top tool bar to expand the database list and select the target database.

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Step 3. Restore MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

Click Import, then click Browse to find your database backup on your computer, upload and restore it to the MySQL database on remote server.

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