Save Flash SWF via Chrome browser

See some cool Flash videos on the web and looking for a way to save Flash videos to computer? Your browser is the fastest and easiest way to download pictures, video or music from websites. Although you can’t right click on a Flash video to save the Flash SWF files as you can do with image files. You can still fetch Flash videos from websites to computer via your browser. Check out this guide to save Flash SWF files using Firefox browser. In fact, you can follow the same way to download online Flash SWF videos, games using other web browsers too, such as Safari, Chrome and so on. In this guide, we will be using Chrome on a Windows PC to show you how to download SWF files through the web browser.

How to Download Flash SWF via Chrome browser?

download flash swf in chrome

Run Chrome browser on your computer, open the website or page which you can find the Flash SWF video you like to download, right click on any black area of the page, then select “View page source” from the pop-up context menu, a new tab opens in Chrome browser. Press Ctrl+F to open the text search box. Input “.swf” in the box, your browser will automatically find all files ended with “.swf” file extension, find the flash video link from the source code of the page, right click on it, then select “Save link as ….” item from the context menu, you will open a dialogue where you can choose a hard drive and folder on your computer to save the Flash SWF file to.

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