Save a web page as PDF in Edge browser

We have found several frequently used tools and features removed in Windows 10 after upgrade from Windows 8, notably a download process bar in Microsoft Edge is missing in Windows 10. Also saving a web page you like is a basic functionality for a web browser. This however seems to be missing in the latest Microsoft Edge browser. So when you found a very useful page online and want to download it on to your computer, how can you do that? Today, we will discuss how you can save a web page in Windows 10 using Edge browser. Check out the workarounds below.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser experience for Windows 10. If you’re running Windows 10, you already have Internet Explorer 11 and you can start IE 11 on Windows 10 PC. IE 11 has the save-as feature to allow you save a web page as html file or other page format in Windows 10. This workaround however is a bit crappy.

If like you can also make use of the Snipping tool in Windows 10 to capture screen and thus save any part of a web page as image file on your PC. Another workaround is to save web pages ad PDF files in Edge browser. You can find details below.

Save a web page as PDF in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10

Launch Edge browser in Windows 10, open the web page you like to save. If you can see the Reading view icon behind the browser address bar, click on it to enter Reading view in the Windows 10 Edge browser. The Reading Mode can remove extra clutter of ads and images, makes the web page is more clean.

Now find the More options(trip dot icon) on the top right corner of Edge browser. Click on it, you will see a drop-down menu, choose Print, a new window will pop up. Alternatively you can simply press Ctrl+P on the keyboard to bring up this window. Choose “Print as PDF” from the Printer selection list, then click Print button at the bottom, you will get a dialogue where you can choose a target folder on your computer save the web page. Give the web page a name and finally save it as PDF on your Windows 10 computer.

save web page as pdf in edge browser on windows 10

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