Setup Bluehost Email Accounts on iPhone

Is your email hosted with Bluehost? Do you want to configure your email accounts on iPhone so you can check, send and reply emails anywhere on the go? Check out this tutorial to set up Bluehost email on iPhone iPad.

How to Setup Bluehost Email Accounts on iPhone?

Bluehost is well known for its budget website hosting service for small business. If you run a website on their servers, you can get their free email hosting service as the same time. Its email service is listed as the best free email hosting for small business on many websites and forums. You pay for their website hosting service and get the email hosting for free. Today we will show you how to add Bluehost email accounts to iPhone iPad or iPod touch using the stock Mail app on iOS devices. Tap to run Settings app on iPhone, then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. You can then find the list of all your email accounts configured on iPhone. Tap on Add Account from the bottom of this email accounts list, you will be taken to a screen like below. select email type on iphone From above screen you need to select an email type you like to add to iPhone. Choose Other >> Add Mail Account and proceed to input your email account configuration information on a screen like this.

bluehost email settings on iphone

Make sure to switch to IMAP tab if the POP tab opens automatically.  You can find out the differences between IMAP and POP email here. Make sure to type in your full email address in the Email, Incoming mail server user name and outgoing mail server user name. Another important settings of Bluehost email on iPhone is the Incoming mail server host name and Outgoing mail server host name. They should be the same. Your email server host name is not the typical, it should be something like box*** You can find it by log in your web mail with Bluehost from a web browser. Another way to find your outgoing mail server and incoming mail server is to log in your hosting control panel as shown in below screenshot.

find bluehost email client configuration and settings info in cPanel

Once you logged in hosting control panel, go to Email >> Email Configuration >> Email Client Configuration. Then select email account to display its email settings information, including mail server address, mail server username, incoming mail server and outgoing mail server ports, etc. What you really need from here is the incoming/outgoing mail server address under Private (with SSL) section. Bluehost offers private secure email hosting. We recommend you to add Bluehost email to mobile phones, such as Android, iPhone, using the SSL secured email settings if applicable.

Go back to your iPhone email setup screen, input your Bluehost email server host name and proceed to next step. Now you will be prompted to save Bluehost email settings information and add the email account to iPhone. Your emails and notes can be synced from Bluehost mail server to your iPhone automatically.

add bluehost email account to iphone

Now you can open the Mail app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to access, check, reply or delete your emails which is hosted on Bluehost server using your iOS devices.

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