Set up microphone for Windows 10 Voice Recorder

Sound recording apps can be found in almost every smartphones, tablets and computers nowadays. For example, you can refer to this guide to record sound on Windows 10 PC. I wanted to use the sound recorder app on my Windows 10 computer this morning, the recorder app opens but the recorder icon was grayed out and I get a message stating that “You need to set up a microphone in Settings“. Then I realized the microphone has been turned off when I have turned off Cortana last time. If you have received this setting up microphone in settings error in Windows 10 voice recorder, you can follow these steps see if any help.

windows 10 voice recorder setup microphone in settings

At the lower right corner of the Voice Recorder, click the See More (three dots icon), choose Settings >> Microphone Settings, then the Privacy settings dialogue pops up with the Microphone tab opened. Here make sure the Microphone option is enabled and let apps use your microphone. At the lower section ‘Choose apps that can use your microphone‘, find and turn on Voice Recorder app in microphone settings to allow the sound recorder app to access and use the microphone on your Windows 10 computer.

turn on voice recorder  from microphone settings in windows 10

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