SWordPress Manager

SWordpress Manager is a platform created by ScalaHosting team for easier WordPress management. This WordPress manager makes the management of WordPress websites much easier and adds multiple layers of security. It is integrated into SPanel and is available free of charge to anyone who picks one of Scala Hosting’s shared and managed cloud VPS hosting solutions. There are no limitations on how many websites you can create or manage with it. Unlike other WordPress installers or managers, it is clean without ads or promotions, much easier to use and no technical knowledge required.

SWordPress Manager Key Features

  • Install WordPress with 1 click
  • Automatic Updates
  • Security LOCK that makes WordPress ultra secure
  • Cloning & Staging
  • Admin Password Reset

How to access SWordPress Manager?

Log into your account’s SPanel and go to Tools > WordPress Manager. At the up section, you will see the form for installing a new WordPress site in Spanel.

install WordPress in Spanel using WordPress Manager
install WordPress in Spanel using WordPress Manager

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of all existing WordPress installations. The Auto Updates, Security Lock options can be found next to your domain names the bottom. Click Actions button to expand a list of more actions or options, change the password of your administrator account, clone or delete a WordPress site. According to ScalaHosting more features are being developed and will be available soon.

spanel wordpress manager, manage wordpress sites and installations: security lock, auto updates and more

What is WordPress Security Lock?

SWordPress Manager has added multiple measures to improve the security of WordPress websites. One of them is Auto Updates, and it’ll be enabled immediately once you setup a new WordPress site with the site manager. It ensures that newly released security patches are installed in a timely manner.

Another important security layer is the Security Lock which moves the security of your WordPress website to the next level. Basically, it locks all files and directories so that they cannot be modified or replaced, and it prevents new files from being uploaded.

At the same time your WP website continues to function normally. You can add new articles/pages, upload pictures/videos from WordPress Dashboard.

The SWordPress Manager is smart enough to automatically disable the security lock during the automatic updates of the core, plugins and themes. After the updates it will enable the security lock. So you can post new content, edit your website, upload media files, upgrade themes and plugins as usual.

You need to disable the security lock temporarily if you need to install a new plugin or edit any of the WordPress files manually through the online File Manager or FTP client. It is recommended to enable the security lock once you are done with the changes.

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