Trim audios, sound recordings on Windows 11

Microsoft has updated the Sound Recorder app for Windows 11 with some new features, such as output audio format options, audio quality options. However we also noticed some useful features being removed, notably the audio trimming. You can follow these steps to trim sound recordings in Windows 10. This feature however is missing in Sound Recorder for Windows 11. We hope Microsoft can add this feature back in future upgrades. For now, we need to use a third-party audio software in order to trim audios, music or sound recordings in Windows 11. Here we recommend Audacity, a free and open-source audio editor.

Introducing Audacity

Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform audio editor. It is available for free for Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

audacity audio editor

How to trim audio, sound recordings in Windows 11?

Audio trimming or cutting is one of the most basic audio editing tasks with any audio software tools. In this article, we’ll show you how to trim audio in Audacity so you will be able to remove unwanted audio or any part from the beginning or end of a recording.

Step 1. Open audio in Audacity

Run Audacity, click File > Open to load the music, or sound recording you like to edit into Audacity.

Step 2. Select the portion to trim

Click the Play button in green to play the music or sound recording, pause it at the beginning and write down the time of the starting point. You can see the timeline above the waveform. Do the same to find out the ending time.

Click the Selection Tool from the top toolbar of Audacity. Then drag on the waveform to select the part of the audio or recording file in conjunction with the Timeline.

select audio part in audacity on windows pc

Once being selected, you will see the background turns from gray to white.

Step 3. Trim audio in Audacity

Click Edit > Remove Special > Trim audio, then those unselected parts or sections of the audio file get deleted from the sound track (save the selected area). Alternatively you can click the Trim Audio Outside of Selection button from the toolbar to quickly remove unwanted audio from the beginning or end of a recording.

Trim audio, music, sound recording in Audacity

Step 4. Move the audio or recording

You need to move the audio or recording in the sound track to align the waveform to the beginning of the timeline.

Step 5. Save trimmed audio

Go to File > Export, then choose output audio format, and select location, file name, metadata in following dialogues before you export the trimmed sound recording or music song to your PC.

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