Use Your iPhone as a Mirror

Today I will show you a small iPhone tip, using iPhone as a mirror. You do not carry a mirror anywhere you go. But most of us will bring the phone with us. When you want to know how you look without a mirror, then you use your iPhone as the mirror. You do not have to download a mirror app for iPhone, although there are some iPhone mirror apps on the App Store. Just use the default Camera app on iPhone. Once you open the Camera on iPhone, tap the camera icon in the top right corner to switch to the front camera. Now look at yourself in the iPhone. This is a very good way to do a quick check of your appearance, not only checking your hair style or teeth, but many more. For example, men can even use this method to shave in front of a iPhone or better iPad. Ladies can use it to check their mascara smears, apply lipstick, etc.

use iphone as mirror tips

To use iphone as mirror is not only an alternative to a real mirror. Under sometime circumstances, the iPhone camera may even works better than a mirror. What’s the benefits of it? For example, if you want to secretly check your appearance, you can open the Camera app on iPhone, people around you might think you are checking emails, surfing internet or anything else without knowing your real purpose.

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