View and delete saved password in Firefox

Web browsers can save your website login username and password so you do not need to enter them the next time. For example, when you log in your Facebook account or Google account from the web, you will be prompted to input your login username and password, after that your browser will ask you whether t save the login credentials or not. If you choose Yes, then the next time you can directly log in your account as your browser automatically fills the username and password for you. Sometimes when you need to login your account using a different web browser or computer, and you can’t remember your password or username, you can view the saved password in your current browser. Today, we will use Firefox in the demo to show you how to retrieve, view and delete saved username and password in Firefox browser on a Windows PC.

To view your saved passwords in Firefox, click Tools from the top menu, then select Options from the drop-down menu. You can also click the menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner, then choose Options. Then the Preferences opens as a new tab in Firefox browser.
access firefox browser privacy saved logins

Click the Privacy & Security panel, then click Saved Logins… under Forms & Passwords. You will see a screen like below.

view saved passwords in firefox on computer

Click Show Passwords button at the bottom right corner to show password for all saved websites’ logins. To view passwords for a specific site, find the website, then right-click on the username field on that site, choose Copy password. Then paste the password to a Notepad, Word document.

Use a master password to protect saved passwords in Firefox

If you share a computer with anyone, it is recommended that you use master password. Head to Firefox Options > Privacy & Security, then click to enable Use a master password.the Change Master Password dialogue opens. Here enter the password twice and hit the OK button to set master password in Firefox. After you have set a master password, you will be prompted to enter it once Firefox needs to access your stored passwords.

Not to save passwords for websites in Firefox

If you do not want Firefox to save any websites logins and passwords, go to delete all saved passwords, then head to the Privacy & Security, deselect the Remember logins and passwords for websites.

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