View saved passwords in Chrome browser on PC

How many passwords can you remember? Passwords are usually very complicate and difficult to remember. To help people with that, many web browsers have the function to remember or save our passwords so we don’t have to. When you sign into a website with username and password, your browser will ask whether to save the password or not. If you said yes, your browser will save the password on your computer so you can directly log in to the same site or account using the saved username/password without the need to remember or even manually type in it.

Have you ever wondered how to view the saved password in Chrome browser? You’re not alone, since sometimes we may forget the passwords without saving them somewhere else. See more details from the walkthrough below.

View saved passwords in Google Chrome on Windows 10 computer

Run Chrome browser on your PC, type in “chrome://settings/passwords” in the URL address bar and press Enter key on your keyboard, you will open the Chrome password management page as below.

view delete manage saved passwords in google chrome browser on windows pc

Alternatively you can go to the Menu >> Settings >> Advanced >> Passwords and forms >> Manage passwords to access the Chrome passwords management page.

In the Saved Passwords section, you can see a list of website, username and password. A small “show” button will appear next to the hidden password of the saved entries. Click on it, the authentication dialogue pops up where you need to type your Windows password in order to allow Google Chrome to show the password. Input the same password which you use to log in the Windows system. You will then be able to display the saved password in Chrome browser on your PC.

Delete saved passwords from Google Chrome

If your computer is not locked, people can view your browser history and bookmarks and even log in your accounts using the saved username and password in your browser. If you need to allow others use your computer, you may want to delete the saved passwords in Chrome browser. In the passwords management page, next to the “view” icon, there is a More menu (three vertical dots), click on it, then choose Remove to delete the saved password from Chrome browser.

Using a different browser?

Firefox has the master password feature so you can setup a master password to prevent others viewing or using saved passwords in the web browser. When you are at a log in page with the saved password, an authentication dialogue pops up. Without the master password, you will not be able to login using the saved password, let alone delete, view or manage saved password in the browser. You can find more details from this tutorial to view saved passwords in Firefox.


    • in Chrome browser address bar, type in ‘chrome://settings/passwords’ without the quotes, then visit, you can then enable the password save and configure other options.

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