Whitelist email addresses in Yahoo mail

Have you missed important emails because they went to your Spam or Junk folder other than the Inbox? Spam filters is an effective way to stop email abuse and spam. It can automatically detect spam emails and then delete them or send them to the Junk or Spam mail folder. Sometimes however innocent emails may be flagged as Spam. Luckily most email accounts have the blacklist and whitelist function allow users to add specific senders or even an entire domain to a list to ensure all incoming emails from them to be put into our Inbox or Spam folder. Check out this tutorial to create blacklist in Hostgator mail and block spam. If you use Yahoo email service, you can make an email address as trusted sender in Yahoo mail account in two different ways.

Mark as trusted sender in Yahoo mail

Log on your Yahoo account from the web using a desktop browser on PC or Mac. Open the Spam folder, select email(s) from the sender(s) in the list, then click Not Spam button at the above toolbar to remove spam classification and move them back to Inbox. The selected emails will be put into your Inbox and new emails from the selected senders and addresses should automatically go to your Inbox in the future.

Create a whitelist in Yahoo mail

If you have multiple email accounts from the same domain or even the whole domain need to flag as trusted sender, creating a whitelist for them is easier. Hover on the gear icon at the top right corner, you will get a drop-down menu, choose Settings. The Settings dialogue opens. Select Filters > Add.

create whitelist filter in yahoo mail

To create a whitelist filter, you need to firstly enter the filter name, then select conditions the expected incoming messages can meet, finally choose the action to sort incoming messages. For example, you can choose “School” as the filter name if you want to add your classmates, students and/or teachers as trusted senders. If all the email accounts with the same domain, choose “contains” in the From field, and enter the domain in the box in the same field, like example.com, abc.com, etc. Finally choose Inbox or create a new folder to move the messages from these trusted senders to. Click Save button to save and quit the settings.

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