WordPress create shortlinks for posts using Jetpack

Jetpack is an essential plugin for WordPress. It offers the most useful modules for site performance, security and productivity. It is the Swiss-army knife of WordPress plugins. Here is a list of its features I use for my personal websites: site stats, downtime monitoring, Brute force attack protection, sharing buttons, site accelerator. Today, we will introduce another useful feature of Jetpack plugin, Shortlinks. When you want to share a long WordPress URL with others, you may want to shorten the URL. Shortlinks are easier to share in chat conversations, micro-blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Create short links for your WordPress posts

To activate this feature, go to Jetpack → Settings → Traffic and toggle the switch labelled Create short and simple links for all posts and pages in the Shortlinks section.

Create short and simple links for all 
wordpress posts and pages using jetpack plugin

Find the shortlink for a WordPress post or page

When you are editing a post or page from WordPress dashboard, click the green Jetpack icon, besides the Settings icon, at top right to open the Jetpack sidebar. You can then find the short link and copy it to your clipboard.

If you want to find out the shortlink without editing or even logging in WordPress Dashboard, simply open the WordPress post or page in your web browser, right click on the post or page to view its source, then search for ‘shortlink’.

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