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There are different ways to play music songs on your WordPress site or blog. For example, you can use the WordPress built-in audio player to embed music into your WordPress sites, including posts and pages, and if you like you can also add music to WordPress home page. Check out this guide see how to add music player to WordPress sites and blogs with free WordPress music plugin.

WordPress Music plugin by righTune

If you want to add site-wide or global background music to your WordPress site, you do not need a WordPress music theme or a paid WordPress music pluign for the purpose. We recommend WordPress Music plugin by righTune, it is one of the best free WordPress music plugins. WordPress Music is the easiest way to play background music on your WordPress website. As what you need to do in order to implement background music on a WordPress site is simply to get a code snippet and paste it to your WordPress theme. What’s more, this WordPress music plugin can accept the code snippet directly in the plugin settings from WordPress dashboard, so you do not need to touch or edit WordPress theme or its code. It is not only an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress music embedding. It is also one of the most effective way. Because WordPress Music plugin by righTune has the large music library to automatically help you filter and apply the most relevant music to your WordPress site content. It allows you to customize background music playlist, player skin, play settings, etc.
free wordpress music plugin rightune

How to deploy WordPress Music plugin by righTune in my site?

Follow this steps to generate your own unique player:

  • Go to righTune site to sign up an account and customize your music player.
  • Get the online music player embedding code.
  • Paste code at the WordPress Music Plugin box within WP dashboard

We will break the issue down to details as below.

Download and activate WordPress Music plugin

Log on your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New, search and install ‘WordPress Music Plugin’.

Open WordPress Music plugin settings page

From WP admin panel, go to Settings >> WordPress Music.

access wordpress music plugin by righTune

You will open the WordPress Music plugin setting like below.
wordpress music plugin settings righTune

Sign up free account with rightune

Visit http://www.rightune.com/ and sign up an free account with them.

Customize online music playlist

You do not need to choose specific music songs or tracks on http://www.rightune.com/. righTune can automatically pick up the best music based on your settings.
customize music playlist with righTune
For example, you can choose a main category of music from below screen.
righTune music main category
You will then have access to its sub categories. Pick the one suits your website the best.
righTune music subcategory

Customize music player style

You can choose music player skin color, position, play options, etc.
righTune music player color, position, optimize options

Get online music player embedding code

When you have customized music player playlist for WordPress site playback and also other options and settings, you can now get the music player embedding code. Copy this code snippet and continue to paste it to our WordPress site or blog.
righTune music player embedding code

Add music player to WordPress

Go to WordPress admin panel, then Settings >> WordPress Music. Paste above code in the box and save the change, you are done!
wordpress music plugin settings righTune
Open your WordPress site or any page or post of it in a web browser, you should now hear the WordPress music plays automatically in the background. If you are looking for WordPress music player plugin or WordPress background music plugin, this one from righTune is definitely a nice option.

Another way to add background music to WordPress is to use HTML5 music player for WordPress, see how to add background music to WordPress here.

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